Sometimes the road of life gets confusing, tiring, or throws in curves you never planned on dealing with.  Sometimes life is hard, and you just need someone to sit with and reflect on where to go next.  Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re on the path is to just be still, to reflect, and to gather ideas of where to go next.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I hope to help my clients not only find the space to be still and listen, but to gather courage, confidence, and counsel for all of life’s big problems.  

The hardest part about therapy is getting started and finding someone you can trust to walk this path with.  It is my hope I can build an authentic relationship with each of my clients to meet their needs uniquely.  I want my clients to feel empowered to make choices, informed to know treatment options, and at peace when they choose their path.

My desire is for you to leave my office feeling more confident about where to go next.  Maybe the solution of the problem isn’t completely clear, but you know your next steps…