I provide Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy services from a Family Systems Perspective. This means that whether I am treating anxiety and depression, adoption, divorce, or Autism, every session has a relational component. Unlike many professionals, I want as many people in the system in treatment supporting the identified patient. This means I rarely see children or teens without some level of family involvement and most of the individual therapy I provide will process relationships, upbringing, attachment, and relationships. Some of the specialty areas I enjoy working with most include:

  • Family relationship issues including parent/child relationship issues, adjusting to family changes or losses, transitions, and divorce
  • Supporting partners and children of domestic abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual assaults or misconduct, or family members of someone with a personality disorder or addiction
  • Supporting families who are adopting, have adopted or are starting the adoption process
  • Individuals or Couples who want to use the Enneagram to learn and process relationship patterns and styles and move into health
  • Clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, or on-going emotional distress from mental health related conditions or previous trauma
  • Individuals or families who are experiencing infertility, infant or pregnancy loss, or those going through the fertility process
  • Individuals or families who have children or teens with Autism, neurological issues, developmental delays or issues, who have experienced medical trauma or who are affected by a disability
  • Individuals or families who want the Christian faith woven into their therapy process
  • Clients who want to focus on a strength-based perspective, positive psychology, and want to work on holistic care to maintain health
  • Individuals or families who want to learn to communicate and love each other more effectively after being brought up in broken households

I am not trained to provide forensic custody evaluations and would prefer to avoid being apart of litigation for custody matters. I am also not trained to work with individuals with severe Autism or intellectual disabilities, but am happy to support their families and caregivers. I do not work with clients with active substance dependency. For support in finding providers in these areas, please use Psychology Today’s Search Engine or reach out to your insurance provider.